2020 Alena Maselink photography

Hello! I am Alena.

I am an artist, a mother of two little boys, a wife, a former daycare teacher, a storyteller and a photographer.

I love to create unique images full of love and happiness. I make my own handmade decorations; I design my own little outfits and create the setting you will love.


I use my art to make the world a more beautiful place. I want to show the magic of the moment that might not be visible to everyone. Children grow so fast, capturing the first steps, first year and family moments together is so special.

My photographs evoke emotions; looking at them should make you feel happy, warm and energized.


They should cheer you up when you feel sad. They will keep these beautiful moments alive. My pictures tell your story, capture the moment and treasure it forever. I believe everybody has a beautiful story that should be told.

We are living in very fast moving world. The pictures of our loved ones become more and more important than ever before. You can share your story through these images to your family, your friends or even to future generations.

My passion and creativity lies in my ability to express myself in a unique way. I am telling your story through my eyes and my art.

I put my whole heart in creating my images. Smile does wonders and prolongs our life expectancy.



My art makes you smile.



Bronze Award 2020 The Master Portraits Awards 

Bronze Award 2019 RISE International Photography Awards in Children category


Winners Gallery of the Child Photo Competition CPC awards for September 2019

Gallery Of Refined Art - Children's Photography Wing Publications Congratulations to today's Fine Art Photographer September 20, 2019








November 2019

Photo Digitally showcased in the "Memorable Portraits" exhibition, Qlick Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


September 2019

Photo digitally showcased in the "Solo" exhibition at the Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


September 2019       

2 Photos digitally showcased in the "Less is More" exhibition taking place at the Laurent Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


July 2019

Photo digitally showcased in the Blank Wall gallery, Athens, Greece


June 2019

 Digitally showcased in the Memorable Portraits exhibition at the Piazza Ca' Zanardi (Itsliquid), Venice, Italy

Van Lennepdreef 10, 2353NK Leiderdorp

email: info@madebyalena.com

phone: 0682002139