DIY Home Session

I will teach you how to set up your own simple studio at your home. You will get all the information regarding using your camera, styling, posing and lighting

to create great photo.

YOU will be the photographer and I will breathe some magic into your photo's

during the editing.

Session includes PDF guide with the instructions, online consultation and

professional editing of 3 - 5 images.

                                                      25 euro


" There are few moments in your life you want to remember forever, no matter the circumstances.


Being pregnant and locked down in the house at the same time I decided to try Alena’s long distance photo session. I was quite sceptical because my husband is a very impatient (and bad) photographer.


When we took the photos it looked like a total disaster! But Alena used her magic and talent and the results were really amazing! Like it would be taken by a professional.


I am very happy that I have photos to share with my family even I cannot see them in person


and my husband is happy as he thinks he is a very good photographer." - Jana

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