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A few years ago I was honoured to be present at a mother blessing organized by my very good friend and amazing doula Naomie from Upendo Doula. At that time I was there as a photographer, capturing the beauty of celebrating pregnancy, friendship and love. The whole celebration was full of love, emotions and lots of attention for the pregnant woman.

When I was pregnant I wanted to celebrate my pregnancy with my friends in the same way, they prepared an amazing day for me and it is truly unforgettable.

“Birth affirmations” are amazing keepsake. I still have mine and they are precious to me. Birth affirmations are special cards that are meant to encourage the mom to be and to support her mentally for and during birth. They are coloured in by the friends during the celebration and put together on a string.

The expectant mom can hang them as a banner at home or in the hospital. She could read them again at home during the Postpartum isolation weeks too, which is a great way to still connect and go back in moments she can look back on with fondness before the baby arrived.

Each card has an encouraging statement on it and on the back of the card, there is a personal message from each friend and family member.

To see the encouraging quotes and thoughts about your friends that are thinking of you during the labour is great.

Nowadays the pregnancy cannot be celebrated together because of the COVID-19, but you can still create this beautiful keepsake and beautiful banner for yourself. Maybe your other children can help create a little something to prepare for the arrival of their sibling :-)

I am giving you this beautiful set of birth affirmations cards, that you can send to your family and friends. They can print & colour it and write a personal not for you. Finished cards can be then returned to you via post.

I hope you will love your banner as much as I love mine.

I would be so happy to see all your banners.

Are you interested in doula’s support during your pregnancy?

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