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Hospital Bag Check list

Updated: Aug 12

Last time I got this question quite a lot "What do you need to pack for the hospital for labor?"

I could name a few things but it didn't feel like the complete list.

So I went online and tried to google the hospital bag checklist. After comparing them I realized none of them would be "mine", as I would not need half of the one and would prefer other things from a different list. That made me write down "My hospital bag checklist" and maybe you find it useful too.

At first, make sure your bag is ready on time, a few weeks before. By a few weeks, I mean like 36 weeks. So you don't end up running around packing your bag in case your baby decides to come out earlier.

Most important things to bring are:

  1. All your paperwork ( ID card, insurance card, driving license, birth plan)

  2. Comfortable clothes. Clothes you might give birth in and comfy clothes after the birth. If you stay in the hospital for a few days the only thing you care about is about feeling comfortable and "normal" clothes feel better than jus a pajama

  3. Warm socks. Right after the c-section, I felt soooo cold and my warm socks saved me. That would be my top thing to bring with me.

  4. Toiletries. Everything you need to wash and feel good. Some of us need just shower gel, shampoo, and deodorant. Some of us need also make-up. Face cream and lip balsam are great too, as your skin and lips can feel drier than normal.

  5. Phone and charger. You will love to share the news with everyone, so make sure your phone is charged. And that you can charge it there too, in case you want to reach your husband when you want him to bring more stuff with him;)

  6. Nursing bras, pads, and nipple cream. You might be starting with breastfeeding. For some of us, it is easy for some not. Unfortunately, I was the one who had a difficult start. Good nipple cream is awesome, it can heal your nipples and you can try to feed your baby next time with a bit healed breast. Pads are great in case your milk is leaking already.

  7. Big cotton underwear. It doesn't look great but it is the best after section. Make sure you get the very big ones, so they are higher than you wound.

  8. Slippers or flat shoes. You will need to get out of the bed to the toilet or shower and it can be painful to walk, so you need something comfortable. that you can easily put on and move to your destination safely.

  9. Of course, you need to bring some things for your baby too - clothes, blanket, hats, a car seat.

  10. Camera or your phone for photos of the labor. Sometimes you can take photos of yourself, sometimes you can ask a nurse to take some for you. Both ways it is worth it to have these precious birth photos.

  11. Coins and sweets are nice. Coins might be handy for parking and chocolates always good. Sometimes extra sugar for the husband is great too;)

  12. Your partner/husband;)

These would be the things I would personally find the most important. If you think I forgot anything important, just leave a message below. I would love to read all your comments.

I wish you all as easy birth as possible and get your bags ready on time;)

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